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Upcoming Events

Allegra Collective is excited to host workshops, courses and one day events designed to enhance your health and wellness.

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Full Moon Solstice Breathwork Workshop

JUNE 22ND 10 AM TO 12 PM

Join us on June 22nd from 10 AM to 12 PM for an enriching Breath Work Workshop designed to deepen your mind-body connection. This workshop includes guided meditation, intention setting, and techniques to enhance your overall well-being. With spaces limited to just 12 participants, you'll receive personalized attention in an intimate setting. Secure your spot for only $44 and embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace. Don’t miss this chance to rejuvenate your spirit—reserve your place today!

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Infant Massage


We are delighted to introduce our Infant Massage Program with Kristi, a nurturing experience designed for new parents and their babies. Join us to learn how to massage your baby, fostering a deeper connection and providing numerous health benefits. This program will teach you techniques to relieve digestive discomfort and colic, promote better sleep and relaxation, and enhance the overall parent-baby bond. By participating, you'll improve your confidence and communication with your little one, creating a loving and supportive environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to nurture and connect with your baby in a meaningful way—sign up today!

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